Millwork and Custom Furniture

James Allen Builders offers specialty services such as custom millwork. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship is thoroughly evident in the attention to detail and the true beauty of the finished product you get when you have our highly skilled craftsmen build a special piece for you.

What is custom millwork?

You might think custom millwork has something to do with the wood in your home, and you are right. But where would you need or want custom millwork?

Millwork includes all of the moldings in your home from the crown to the base, in simple terms the boards that help to break up the bleakness of your drywall. But that’s not all. Technically millwork is all of the wood used on or in your home so long as it came from a mill. Custom millwork is used when the mills no longer make the profile or size that you need or when you want something that no mill makes.

Replace or match existing woodwork.

Imagine a piece of your exterior window sill or the bottom of your support post on your front porch has rotted away. Where do you find the exact matching piece of wood to replace it with? These would be cases where you would need custom millwork to match the existing millworks so that everything looks identical and matching on your home. Using custom millwork in this manner can actually save you money because instead of replacing the entire window or post you only have to replace part of it.

Unique woodwork or specialty piece.

You may want custom millwork if you want a unique look to your home—a banister and spindles different from those you can purchase at a big box store or special built-in wine rack for example. With the return of craftsman style homes custom millwork is becoming a popular choice. Take a look at some of our custom millwork projects by clicking on the images at the bottom of the page. It may give you ideas for custom millwork in your own house.

Custom millwork doesn’t have to be expensive.

When you think of custom furniture and millwork you probably think expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. It really depends on the millwork you need, the materials required, and the amount of detailed work required to create a new piece or match an existing one. We’re always happy to provide you with a quote.

Call us if you would like a custom look to your new or existing home.