Soffit and Fascia Replacement

For this project the homeowner called on James Allen Builders to replace existing wood soffit with aluminum.

The owner of this older house wanted to have James Allen Builders install aluminum soffit and fascia and new gutters so he could benefit from less maintenance on his home each year. When we initially visited the home to look at the project and provide the estimate, we noticed that there were no soffit vents and that the roof was not properly ventilated at the ridge. The homeowner confirmed that he had experienced ice damming on his roof, which is fairly common in Wisconsin homes with roofs that aren’t ventilated properly. When the home was purchased, a home inspector had noted this in his report and the homeowner decided he wanted to make the necessary modifications before covering up the old wood soffits.

We did an area calculation of the roof and determined how many vents were needed to go in the soffits and the ridge of the roof. After determining the number of pot vents required to properly vent the roof, both the homeowner and I agreed that it would have looked displeasing. There are several ways to obtain the required ventilation for a roof, some more costly than others. Since we believe in getting the job done right we recommended …  However, the homeowner didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the project, so together we decided to add extra vents in the soffit and add a few pot vents and one turbine vent at the ridge of the roof.

We work with our customers to stay within their budgets.

In this case, the result wasn’t exactly what was recommended, we were able to work with the homeowner and not only address his concerns on the aesthetic appearance of the home, but also work within his budget and time constraints in managing and implementing the project. We were all happy with the end product: there was much more ventilation in the attic than there was previously and we didn’t break the owners bank account.